Sunday, December 21, 2014

2014 Top Cigars " A Twist"

Another great year for cigar lovers. This is truly an outstanding time for aficionados.
In a time of massive consolidation and a constant threat of litigation one would think that things would be grim. But, just the opposite, new cigars keep coming... Good Cigars!!!

So this year as I look at all the empty boxes and cigar labels I found myself reflecting on what cigar artisans do I really support. Where did most of my cigar budget go to? What smokes must I have in my cooliodor in case of an invasion, zombie apocalypse or  nuclear attack!

Not going to have input from my cigar circle, or bring it up for a vote this year. They would want to include cigars that we only smoked once or twice, and flood the list with inconsistent Cuban cigars.

This is the "Bread and Butter" list!


@MyFatherDPG @Cigarjeremy 

This Jaime Garcia is just fantastic for the price. It is by far the Cigar I purchase the most. Great broadleaft, value, taste, construction and aroma. I prefer the smaller ring-gages but they are all excellent.


@drewestatecigar @drewestatepedro @MArvinSamel

All things DE are just awesome! And I hope they remain the same with the changes at hand. I don't usually by boxes of DE product due to availability at my local B&M and of course cost. High demand for the product results in an automatic increase in price at local shops. With the exception of the UnderCrown. Its a fantastic cigar with a reasonable price and availability. 



So many great cigars by My Father that I enjoy. The Centurion, Le Bijou, Flor De Las Antillas etc. They are just fantastic and probably one of the best cigars to age. In other words, buy on sale and hold on to them for a long time. They only get better with age. I usually buy a couple of boxes for special occasions and celebrations


@TatuageCigars @tatuajeanarchy @LaVeriteCigars

Just an incredible Cigar company. everything about Tatuaje Cigars is just fantastic. I think that the cigars are overpriced. But I don't care. 



Mouth watering maduro with perfect balance burn and taste. On this cigar, I would save so much more money if I just bought by the box. Repeated trips to my local B&M like a crackhead looking for a fix!


@TheCrownedHeads @mikeconder @3BarHuber

Everything made by TheCrownedHeads has a classic taste and feel. Its a cigar you can hand out to a young man or to your Grand-Father. They are the Kings of smooth and Flavor. Love all of their Cigars but my favorite is still Four Kicks. Thank God they are still available!!!



The Chief is on to something! Great Cigars and outstanding work supporting his workers and their families. Happy people make good Cigars!
His cigars are complex, slow burning and tasty. A bit strong for my palate but with some time in the humi they blossom. I hope he continues to grow and prosper.



This cigar has a constant residence in my humidor. When I finish a box I simply get another. Consistent taste over the years, great construction and still a great value. 



Our favorite vacation smoke. It has become a tradition to get two boxes of Perdomo on our fishing summer vacation up north. I love the Maduro but they are all great smokes and a great value.



The best Sumatra on the market! And the Maduro is marvelous, aromatic, slow burning and pleasant. I like them fresh, besides they don't last in the humidor. Truly a great company headed by Gentleman who have a great understanding on how to make an unforgettable Cigar.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Top 25 Cigars for 2013

Yes, I did smoke the CAficionado #1 Cigar of the year and it was Excellent. However I only smoked a single cigar, so I could not give it an honest opinion.

Here's my List. This year has been phenomenal. So many releases and so little time. This is just a list compiled from the Cigars that I was able to buy or get as gifts. There are some great Cigars out there that just didn't make it up to the Northeast.

Number 1 is a Hoyo De Monterrey Habana.
A sweet well balanced flavorful Cigar.

A gorgeous OpusX full bodied slow burning with hints of citrus and well aged tobacco.

A Partagas Habana was just awesome.
Sweet, balanced and full of flavor.

The first Punch Habana for me.
Full bodied and strong but a really old school beautiful delicate Cigar.

Cohiba 2010 and 2013. I really liked the 2013.
Very bright and a hint of pepper. 

This is a Cigar I crave. I find the bigger sizes better.
Its an awesome smell when you open a box of these! 

I really love all of the 7-20-4 Cigars.
This pyramid is my favorite but I enjoy the lancero tremendously.

Warning...This Cigar can lead to stress in your marriage.
Avoid smoking if your Wife sees your Credit Card statements. 

Illusione MJ12 enough said.
Smoke it, smoke it often... Son!

This is a Cigar that brings taste, full flavor, construction and strength into focus.

After resting these for about 4 months in the humi they were ridiculous!
Great construction and well balanced Cigar.

Herrera EstelĂ­ an instant classic.

Consistent, Classic and a pleasure to smoke.

DPG Rules!
This a Fantastic Cigar. Strong full bodied best enjoyed after a big meal.

I always preferred the Intemperance BA but this time it was very Hard to pick one.
I usually reserve these on the bottom of the humi just for me to enjoy. 

Me and my Bros destroy boxes of these!

Danno 2011!
Its too bad these are hard to find. I only have one left!

A beautiful affordable classic Cigar.

The Centurion by DPG.
I really think that this is an awesome affordable Cigar that should get more attention.
Let it rest for a few and it really blossoms.

Tatuaje Monster series.
They are all phenomenal but this was my favorite. Beautiful Cigar.

EPC Cardinal Series Natural, a similar profile as the CHeads Four Kicks.
Sweet, strong and a full of that funky aroma of a bakery early in the morning.

Trust me all of the Surrogate Series are awesome.

San Lotano Maduro is just plain tasty.
I can smoke it anytime...wake me up....ready!

Number 25. Last but not least. By far the Cigar I buy the most during the year.
Affordable broadleaf and they do not last long enough to age. 

Honorable Mention!